We take our environmental commitments seriously and aren't interested in greenwashing our product. By participating in certified plastic projects, we have taken another step in our commitment to sustainability.

Carbon-Neutral isn't Enough.

Because carbon offsets can be unreliable to ensure we're fully covering our carbon footprint and then some, we've offset 200% of our emissions and plastic footprints respectively. We are a proud member of Impact Collective, a group of forward-thinking brands committed to taking immediate and positive action to neutralize our plastic footprint. Together we are empowered to be responsible stewards of our planet while providing our customers with the same high-quality products.

If the spoon isn't plastic, why do you have to offset 'plastic'?

An image of a cargo ship.

International Shipping Regulation

Due to international shipping regulations and compliance, as well as to ensure that the spoons weather the cargo ship from India to our distribution centers in North America, we need to cover the spoons containers in a plastic bag to prevent moisture entering the boxes. We have offset this plastic use 200%.

A photo of a tape roll with the logos for Incredible Eats on it. The tape is orange.

Tape and Glue

We have one small piece of tape on the top of our boxes as a tamper control. The boxes are also folded and glued together with adhesives that are commonly plastic-based. We are already sourcing paper tape replacement for the singular piece of tape but your box might still come with a piece of plastic tape for now. It's small, but it matters to us.

An image of two diamonds overlapping showing the two different layers of materials used in the laminate wrappers for the spoons. There is a paper layer and a 2-micron thin layer of plastic.

Laminate Wrappers

Our wrappers are paper-recyclable safe, but to prevent moisture from entering the spoons, there is an extremely thin plasticized layer (2 microns) adhered to the paper. We are actively looking into other options for our wrappers and are keeping tabs on growing trends to seaweed and alternative bioplastics to reduce impact.

Eco-Friendly Paper

The paper stock used in our boxes is FSC-Certified and Rainforest Alliance Certified. This means that the forestry supply chains for the paper were verified by an international regulator and are sustainable. FSC-Certified paper ensures that no ancient and endangered ecosystems or forests were logged to create the paper. The Rainforest Alliance logo ensures that the pulp supplied for the paper did not damage the Amazon Rainforest.

Recyclable Wrappers

Our wrappers are made of paper and an extremely thin (2-micron) layer of plastic to ensure there is a sufficient moisture barrier to prevent the spoons from going off in transit. This layer of plastic is thin enough that the paper can be safely recycled in your paper recycling. Eventually, we would love to remove this thin layer of plastic, but currently this is the best solution we have available to us right now to ensure your edible cutlery is safe for consumption.

Note: Don't be alarmed if your spoons come in a white wrapper! Our initial runs were with a plain wrapper and future runs will have this design.