How much do they cost?
Depending on the size and flavor, prices range between 14-20 cents per soon. If your store sells by ounce, the weight of the spoon typically generates more money than the spoon costs. If your store sells by unit, current stores have found success with a price point of 25-50 cents.
What is the shelf life?
Spoons have a 1 year storage life at room temperature and low humidity. If in a humid environment, placing the spoons in the fridge for a few minutes before serving will give them a “crisp”.
What are the spoons made out of?
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What are the spoons made out of?
The starting ingredients are wheat, oat, corn, chickpea, and brown rice. Depending on the flavor a few others are added (Cocoa, salt, pepper).
Are you same as Bakeys?
We are NOT the same company as “Bakeys” which couldn’t meet the product demand before. We are a group of engineers who invented the machinery to make the Edible cutlery a reality. At this moment, we can manufacture up to 50,000 spoons per day and we are raising capital to expand to make Edible sporks, Edible straws and more planet saving products.
What flavors are available?
Currently we offer Chocolate, Vanilla, Plain, Black Pepper, and Oregano Chili.
Are they Organic?
Although we do not use any artificial chemicals, hormones, antibiotics or GMO's in our products, we are not certified organic yet.
Are the spoons gluten-free?
No, although all the ingredients are natural, it does contain wheat. We understand the demand for gluten-free products is high and are currently working on a recipe.
What is the typical lead time of an order?
To keep the spoons as fresh as possible we keep our kitchen running and inventory low. If we have your flavor / quantity in stock we can get it you in 1-2 weeks.
Will the flavor of the spoon overpower the taste of the ice cream?
We use a minimal amount of flavors to ensure that the original taste of your treat is preserved.
How many spoons come in a box?
Each food service box contains 80/100 spoons and retail boxes contain 20 (large) or 30 (small) spoons.
Why do my spoons have a 2020 date on them?
One batch of spoons was printed with the manufacturing date instead of the best by date. If you are luckily enough to find one of these golden nuggets, don't worry, your spoon is good for 1 year past that date.
What about the packaging?
All of our spoons are individually wrapped in a biodegradable / recyclable paper sleeve.